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MGM Landscape Contractors, Inc. MGM Landscape Contractors, Inc. MGM Landscape Contractors, Inc. MGM Landscape Contractors, Inc. MGM Landscape Contractors, Inc.

Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ's

Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ'sThe outdoor living trend has caught the fancy of most homeowners across Barberton, Broadview Heights, North Royalton, Berea as well as Brecksville. People now prefer creating leisure zones on their own properties, versus taking the time and trouble to travel to weekend getaways. It’s so much easier to relax in your own backyard, by the poolside with your family or even entertain friends in elaborately-designed Outdoor Kitchens on your property.

We at MGM Landscape Contractors have designed and installed stunning open-air kitchens and BBQ spaces for a number of our customers in and around Brunswick, Strongsville, Wadsworth, North Royalton and Norton. These features add functionality and value to the property and give you the opportunity to use the outdoor spaces in a much better way.

Patio Kitchens- The Design Process

When we design Deck or Patio Kitchens, we work closely with you to understand what your styling preferences are and take a range of other factors into account, such as:
Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ's
  • Space- When our experts visit your home, they will take detailed measurements of the available space. When they are discussing the plans with you, they will keep this factor in mind and provide solutions that will fit comfortably in the existing backyard or patio area.

  • Design- As mentioned earlier, we like to provide our customers kitchens that match their styling preferences. We know you have a unique style; however, even as we keep this in view, we make sure to take the architectural concepts of your home into consideration and then provide custom outdoor kitchens designs that complement the look of your home as well as the landscaping that surrounds it.

  • Amenities- Every homeowner has a specific requirement when it comes to addition of amenities. While some like simplistic spaces others want to get all the latest kitchen equipment like BBQs and Gas Grills installed in their outdoor kitchens. We provide different solutions based on the kind of equipment you want and the type of fuel you want to use (propane or gas).

  • Seating Space- Most outdoor kitchens also have a certain amount of seating space; this gives you the opportunity to cook comfortably and interact with your family or guests and be a part of your own party. We can install in-built seating areas and add Bar Stools as required.

  • Materials & Finishes- These outdoor spaces have to be treated with attention to detail, and extra care has to be taken to ensure that the materials and finishes that are used in the work are weather-resistant and long-lasting. The sun’s UV rays, the rain and snow can play havoc with the different features that have been installed. Keeping this in view, we design spaces that are hardworking and hardwearing

Very simply, we are the Outdoor Kitchen Design and Installation experts who excel in every aspect of our job. Even as we do all of this, we ensure that all these solutions are provided at the most cost-effective price points. For more information about the kind of solutions we can provide, call MGM Landscape Contractors at 800-557-2627. You can connect with us via this online form too.

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