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Landscape Lighting

Landscape LightingDesigning a home is no mean feat and there are a number of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Not only do you have to focus on getting the décor in the interior spaces right, but have to make sure that the outdoor spaces have been designed well too.

Today, homeowners across Broadview Heights, North Royalton, Berea, and Brecksville are creating stunning landscape concepts and are turning their gardens and backyards into areas that are becoming their preferred relaxation zone. A number of customers from Brunswick, Strongsville, Wadsworth, North Royalton and Norton also contact us for their landscape design projects.

We know how particular you are about wanting everything to be perfect and so we leave no stone unturned while providing these services. We also recommend to our clients that they should opt for our Landscape Lighting services. In most instances this is integrated into a standard landscaping project.

Exterior Lighting - The Benefits

Outdoor lighting is an extremely important aspect of any landscape; regardless of how big or small your garden or yard is, it can benefit in a number of ways with the right kind of Landscape Lighting:
  • When you have well lit outdoor spaces, its adds to the curb appeal of your home
  • Better lit gardens and yards look more welcoming and you are encouraged to use these spaces more often
  • Having a well-lit property acts as a deterrent to burglars and vandals- it helps keep your home more secure
  • You are more comfortable with letting your children and pets play in a well-lit space where you can keep an eye on them, from your outdoor kitchen, deck or patio
  • Adding Landscape Lighting helps enhance various natural and masonry features on your property- you can highlight the structure of a large tree or an artistic stone fountain
  • If you have a pond or a pool, lights add a distinct charm as their reflection bounces off the surface of the water

Landscape Lighting

Types of Outdoor Lights

When we provide Outdoor Lighting to you, there are different features we focus on and use lights such as:
  • Lamp posts
  • Recessed lamps
  • Pool lighting
  • Paver lights
  • Wall lights
  • Driveway lamps
  • Poolscape lighting
  • Other

While we provide excellent solutions, we also know that all these fixtures can up your energy bills. With this in view, we use low voltage lighting such as LED or Solar lights. These are environment friendly compared to traditional fittings. LED lights save 80% energy and won’t have to be replaced for years. This reduces the cost of maintenance too.

If you want Garden Lights that make your property look attractive and add to the functionality of the space, it’s important that you hire the services of a company that will be able to provide customized solutions that fit perfectly into your budget. For more information about the different types of Landscape Lighting that we can provide you with, call MGM Landscape Contractors at 800-557-2627. You can connect with us via this online form too.

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